Either it gets better or becomes extinct. Consumers are dissatisfied with the sales process in brick and mortar dealerships and that is the driving force behind the rise of Carvana and other industry disrupters. However, it is not too late to fix the way car dealerships operate and improve their reputation.



About the Author

Max Zanan is a seasoned automotive industry expert with nearly 20 years of experience in sales, F&I and dealership consulting. After graduating John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Zanan went on to get his Master’s Degree before starting his career in automotive retail as a salesman at a local, New York City Volkswagen dealership. After working his way up the ranks, Zanan then became the General Manager of a New York City Mitsubishi dealership, which subsequently placed #1 in sales for Mitsubishis in the United States. Following his stint at Mitsubishi, Zanan went on to become the Platform President at Elite Auto Group, where he oversaw three dealerships, with 150 total personnel.

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Another amazing book showing the life we go through on a daily basis working in the automotive industry. A must read for green peas, veterans, and all the above. Hits the nail on the head! Looking forward to the next book and for his expertise.

Max Zanan does it again!!! Amazing work as always!!! Everything I read that is written by Mr Zanan is used as a textbook in our Autogroup. Car dealers need to read this masterpiece and understand mistakes that should be avoided.

This book provides a ton of valuable information and insight in regards to automotive retail. Our industry is changing and will continue to do so but those of us who embrace the change head on will survive and thrive. This is your roadmap.

Max does a great job in pointing out the things we do to discourage our staff and alienate our customers and prospects.
It's not so much we implement change its that we recognize the need for it.

Eugene K.

Pen N.

Derrick O.

Pat N.

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